A Journey To The Door Of Death

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A Journey to the Door of Death

A Journey to The Door of Death - book cover - Dr. Nancy E Perry

The Book, “A Journey to the Door of Death” is inside story of a sudden physical catastrophe.

This true story is poignantly told by a psychologist-nurse who suddenly and unexpectedly found herself a patient with a rare, usually fatal illness, that threatened her with death every moment of the day and night.

The harrowing, but necessary medical diagnostic tests, medications, and surgery she experienced were both physically and emotionally traumatic for her.  They catapulted her from a health care provider’s role into an “insider’s” role as she dealt with trauma after trauma. These traumas stimulated her to search for the meaning of her life, while preparing for almost certain death.

Her sufferings shattered her belief that she was in control of her life and would remain healthy into the foreseeable future.  Dr. Perry struggled to find meanings that could help others in some way. She received profound insights and wisdom regarding Post Traumatic Stress Disorder from medical treatment as well as the emotional and spiritual effects that are reflected in the minds and bodies of those who experience these types of traumas.

While considering the effects upon herself and others, she discovered a model that has been found useful to make sense out of many of the emotional sufferings all human beings experience. This riveting book is helpful for everyone who has ever suffered emotionally or physically, whatever the cause.

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Nancy Perry is a modern heroine – someone who ventures on a perilous journey, endures great dangers and overcomes them, and returns with uncommon wisdom to share with those who stayed behind. She embodies Ernest Hemingway’s observation the “the world breaks everyone, and afterward some are strong at the broken places.”

A journey To The Door Of Death is an inspiring, elegant account that will help anyone on their journey toward healing grow stronger at their broken places. And that includes perhaps everyone.

Larry Dossey, MD

Author: ONE MIND: How Our Individual Mind is Part of a Greater Consciousness and Why it Matters

Dr. Perry’s book addresses life’s deepest question. “What is the meaning of my life?” She accomplishes this through a rich, powerful, and honest description of her journey leading to the door of death. This engaging, gripping, and insightful book triumphs in reminding us that mindfulnes, loving-kindness, and healing are ultimately our life’s journey too.
Maria R. Coady, Ph. D.

Associate Professor of Education, Fulbright Specialist Scholar/US State Department University of Florida

Nancy Perry’s riveting book is by turns intimate, touching, disturbing, and inspiring. It’s a wonderful testament to the author’s courage, determination, honesty and commitment, both to personal growth and the healing of others.
Stephen Braude, Ph.D.

Emeritus Professor of Philosophy, University of Maryland Baltimore County