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Dr. Nancy E. Perry

Dr. Nancy E. Perry is a Clinical Psychologist as well as a Registered Nurse and an Artist. She earned her B.S. degree in Nursing, as well as her M.A. and Ph.D. degrees at The Ohio State University. Her Associate’s Degree in Fine Arts was earned at the Santa Fe Community College.

Dr. Perry has served on the faculty of the Ohio State University, The University of Wisconsin and The Wisconsin Professional School of Psychology.

Her clinical practice has included Marriage and Family therapy, Individual Therapy, and the treatment of Trauma Victims.

She is a recognized authority in the treatment of Dissociative Disorders and has presented papers and workshops in many countries around the world.

She is currently devoting most of her time to writing, painting and consulting.

Dr. Perry currently resides in Santa Fe New Mexico. Her last book was “Mother Bashing: Does she Deserve It?”

Dr. Nancy Perry, - Clinical Psychologist, Registered Nurse, and Artist

The Artist

Artist Statement

My early work with art was as a psychologist treating trauma victims, many of whom had been diagnosed with Multiple Personality Disorder. This involved the use of Art Therapy and various art forms to both diagnose and treat my clients.

Ten years ago, after a major illness, I felt called to develop my own artistic skills and begin to paint. It became a full-time endeavor.

My work is visionary and encompasses the communication of interconnectedness of all life as well as various aspects of human beings as energy, both individually and in groups.

I am aware of the difficulties we are experiencing on a global level and believe there is a deep need for heightened awareness of the fact that we are all “one.” Art truly “speaks.” I believe communication through art will increase awareness of that oneness.


Digging Deeper from the Artist

I have been interested in Esoteric and spiritual aspects of life for many years. My background as a clinical psychologist and registered nurse stimulated my interest in Quantum Physics and alternative medicine. This led me to study energy medicine and healing techniques around the world.

Quantum physics views matter as particles of energy able to affect other groupings of matter at both close and sometimes long distances. Human beings are considered as “loosely” organized energy particles connected interdimensional to all human beings. In essence, all human beings together are all “one”. Michael Kaku’s string theory explains this clearly.

The impact of these new theories challenges many of our established theories and may validate many unexplained events as well as establish a scientific basis for spirituality. This includes the pantheistic view of the “oneness” of all human life as well as the relationships to plants, animals, and the planet. One of the concepts is that human beings only “look” like solid matter. (We are really comprised of particles of energy with space in between.) My personal experiences of work with energy fields, analysis of research, travel to other cultures, meeting with witch doctors, attending voodoo ceremonies, studying the Jewish and Christian religions, as well as Buddhist and Sufi practices stimulated my work in my recent series of paintings and is congruent with that of Quantum physics theries.


My Paintings

My paintings express my vision of  human beings appearing as energy. Pland for future series include the vision of how humans interact with each other both one-on-one and in groups – as well as our relationship to all other life on this planet.

Dr. Nancy Perry in her art studio standing next to her painting titled "One".

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