A Journey To The Door Of Death


This book is not only a riveting account of facts and events, but is one of personal experiences. The authors mind-bending descriptions, written as though they were happening in the here and now relate to events that millions of people have lived through and continue to experience during and after an unexpected health crisis. Similar experiences to those of the author happen to many others as they receive life-saving medical procedures in hospitals, clinics, at the scene of an accident in their own home or elsewhere.


A Journey To The Door Of Death is the inside story of a physical catastrophe. A major focus in the book is the suffering experienced from the traumas of serious illness and life saving treatments. The author struggles to find meaning related to her suffering that might help others.


Examples of the questions she explores are: 

  • How may traumatic medical events be experienced or reflected in the minds and bodies of people who experience them?
  • Can these experiences actually cause Post Traumatic Stress Disorder? What effects can can result spiritually and emotionally as a result of this type of trauma?
  • Why do some people return to functional living while other do not?
  • Can traumatic unexpected medical events create an existential crisis for the person experiencing them?


A framework in the form of a model, emerged while the the book was being written and is fully described. This model has proved useful by helping people understand themselves and others.

Dr. Nancy E. Perry Ph.D.

Dr. Nancy Perry, - Clinical Psychologist, Registered Nurse, and Artist
A Journey to The Door of Death - book cover - Dr. Nancy E Perry
A Journey to The Door of Death by Dr. Nancy Perry - Buy Now From Amazon
Dr. Perry helps us understand that excellent health care is a crucial mix of wisdom and compassion. The world renowned surgeon, the advanced diagnostic tests, the gentle nurse who showered her after her surgery, and the family and church members that came to her aid, all play essential roles in her treatment.

Dr. Perry takes this a step further. Like many patients with complex medical issues, Dr. Perry’s issues brought her face-to-face with her own mortality and her own concept of herself. In an exercise of radical honesty, she shares how her medical issues shattered several misconceptions or”myths” about herself, that then allowed for greater self evolution. She uses these experiences to formulate a theory of mythical evolution that may be used by future patients and others in order to cope with the personal changes that come with illness and suffering.

This book can lend perspective to both those navigating the health care system and to those who work in health care every day. As a physician, this book gave me greater insight into the patient experience and I am sure that it can do the same for you.

Vincent F. Miccio, Jr. MD

Pain Medicine Fellow, Columbia University Medical Center

Mother Bashing: Does She Deserve It?

Book Description

Book Description

This is a book inspired by mother blame in the author’s life. It is about the causes of mother bashing and relationships between mothers and their adult children.  Most mothers are women, but fathers as well as anyone else may also fulfill the role of “mother”.  The book includes theoretical ideas and examples from actual clinical cases. It is a book for everyone who has a mother or is a mother.  It is for both men and women, including those who deserve blame and those who don’t.  Teenagers may find it a helpful tool to better understand themselves and their parents.

This book helps parents become aware of factors within families, as well as in society today that harm their children. It demystifies what a good mother really ‘Is”, and provides concrete suggestions on how to deal with problems between  mothers and their adult children. They will be better able to understand each other and themselves after reading this book.

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Mother Bashing by Dr. Nancy Perry - Buy Now From Amazon


Mother Bashing - Book Cover - Dr. Nancy E. Perry